Some products and services are hard to introduce. Customers are always skeptical about new products, especially ones they are not familiar with. It is tempting to argue that a product is unique, that it is different from its competition. Proving that is another matter.

When you try to present a product to customers, it’s important to understand how you will present it and how your customers are going to accept it. Seeing your own products from your perspective is different from making others see them. Making a great first impression on your customers is the only way for them to remember your products in the years to come.

Create a Hype

You need to promote your products and services. While traditional marketing strategies still work for many industries, hyping new products up will attract the interests of your target markets (and even non-target markets). People are interested in things that they know nothing about. They can’t be hyped up about a product they’ve already encountered in the past. Their focus is on things that they haven’t held or seen.

Be Deliberate

Don’t hire generic marketing agencies. Identify the products and services you are trying to market and find a marketing firm that works specifically on these topics. Is marketing cryptocurrency the same as advertising clothes, shoes, and accessories? Are you targeting the same audience? You’re not, right? Instead of hiring marketers who have a lot of experience in retail marketing, look for crypto marketing agencies. They have the skills and knowledge to deliver the results you need.

But in the context of digital marketing, this means finding an agency that knows how to maximize digital technologies such as mobile phones, desktop computers, and other digital platforms. How can marketers spread awareness about cryptocurrency through digital billboards, email marketing, and apps?

Record a Tutorial Video

Some products and services are too complicated to introduce to the market. What you must do is create a tutorial video for them. In the video, make sure not to use technical terms and jargon. The point of having a tutorial video is to make the market appreciate the products being presented in it. If you are going to use technical terms, that will not help make people understand what you are trying to offer.

Go through each detail of the product or service. You must be deliberate in explaining the features of the products to your intended audience. When they finish watching the video, they must have a whole understanding of what the products and services can bring to them.

Build an App

mobile app

Why is an app better than a website? Through an app, you can personalize the offers. You can start introducing the products and services on a personal level. You can even give freebies and discounts to the first few customers who download the app. This way, you are marketing both the app and the products. The good thing about an app is that it stays there on your customer’s phone.

With the apps’ notifications features, you can directly reach out to your customers. You can send them notifications about your latest offers, podcasts, videos, blogs, and many more. Building an app is a great investment regardless of the industry where you belong.

Make Good Content

If you ask any expert, they’d tell you that content is at the core of every good digital marketing practice. Content isn’t just about what you tell your audience directly. It’s about how you present such content. Do you make it engaging and entertaining? When people watch your content, do they immediately understand what it’s about, or does it take time before your audience can understand it?

Good content isn’t just about the words and the visuals. More than anything else, it’s about how the message is presented. It should be done in a way that will make the audience want to stand up, listen, and take a look. The first five seconds of the video must do the work. It must capture the audience’s attention and imagination. Otherwise, no one will wait to “get” your message. They’ll turn the video off and not give your business a chance.

The first impression of your business depends on your ability to use every arsenal on your side. Whether digital marketing or traditional marketing, you must maximize these tools to bring awareness about a new product or service. Once you have your audience’s attention, it is up to your products’ quality to do the work. They must impress these customers enough that they’ll want to keep coming back.

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