Have you ever tried a virtual reality experience in London?

A virtual reality experience in London is an innovative and highly enjoyable way to get your friends together, plan an engaging and fun-filled day for the family or even an exciting team building activity for you and your colleagues. Whatever the occasion, booking a virtual reality experience in London will make sure that you have a day to remember and an experience that you will not be able to get anywhere else in London. Following the pandemic, many people are reluctant to sit in crowded pubs and bars so a virtual reality experience in London is the perfect way to have a fantastic time, whilst experiencing something new and exciting or if you’re an avid gamer a step up from what you are used to.

How does it work?

The virtual reality experience in London uses some of the most advanced technology to create bespoke, cutting-edge three-dimensional simulations that you are able to fully immerse yourself in to experience virtual reality at its best. Traditional gaming involves sitting in front of a screen and usually good hand-eye coordination. Virtual reality allows you to become the player, step into a completely new world with your team members for a full-body experience, fighting off aliens and zombies promising an exciting, intense and exhilarating time for all.

What happens in the games?

Virtual reality games are often of a graphic nature, and therefore under 18s need to be accompanied by an adult, however, some games are designed to be suitable for families and younger players. Toon strike is an excellent game for young families and involves hunting down evil creatures that are causing trouble in the land of Altesa. You and your team need to help rid the land of these evil creatures restoring order and happiness to Altesa, the happiest region in the country. The virtual reality experience in London has an age restriction of 10 years old and Toon strike is suitable for all players.


As we all know, zombies and aliens can be frightening however some of the best virtual reality games are based around zombie apocalypse and alien invasions so for your virtual reality experience in London be prepared to either fight off zombies or defend the world from aliens depending on what you prefer and how brave you are. Strike team Delta involves saving the world from an alien invasion by gathering evidence and information in an objective-based game where you will become a brave marine along with your team with the fate of the world in your hands. This game is recommended for players that are over 13 years old and increases in difficulty as you go along.

Overrun and Overrun Stage 2 are also recommended for players over the age of 13 due to their graphic nature and involve fighting off a zombie apocalypse with different levels and new experiences as you walk through a frightening village that has been overtaken by hordes of zombies that you and your team need to defeat.

With drinks, snacks and pizza available before or after your game, a virtual reality experience in London is truly an excellent package that you can make the most of with online booking and dynamic pricing for an exciting, affordable new adventure and an unforgettable experience for you and your team.

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