Keep Your Car Secure with New Technology

• GPS tracking devices can provide real-time monitoring of a car’s location and alert owners. 

• Smart keyless entry systems allow owners to lock and unlock their cars remotely using an app or voice commands. 

• Park assist technology uses sensors to detect obstacles while parking and people attempting to enter their car. 

• Anti-theft alarm systems trigger an alarm if someone attempts to break into the vehicle and may even immobilize it. 

Keeping your car safe from theft is a priority for any car owner. The good news is that new technologies are making it easier than ever to protect your vehicle. Here’s how these new technologies work and how they can help you keep your car safe.

GPS Tracking Devices

One way to ensure your car remains secure is to install a GPS tracking device in it. GPS tracking devices like the modern PassTime Elite allow you to monitor the exact location of your car at all times, giving you peace of mind that your vehicle is safe and secure. Aside from that, installing these services can also offer the following:

1. Speed Alerts

The GPS tracking devices can alert you if your car is traveling at higher speeds than the speed limit. This allows you to take action in case of an emergency or if someone unauthorized has taken your vehicle.

2. Geofencing Notifications

Another feature of GPS tracking devices is geofencing. This allows you to set up a virtual fence around your car and receive notifications if the vehicle leaves or enters this area. You can also get notified if your car has been driven outside of its normal route, which could indicate that it’s being stolen.

3. Remote Engine Shutoff Capabilities

In the event that your car is stolen, some GPS tracking devices provide a remote shutoff of the engine to prevent further theft. This feature can help you maximize your chances of recovering your vehicle.

4. Tow-detect and Tamper Updates

You can also be notified if your vehicle has been towed or tampered with. This is especially useful for owners of luxury vehicles, as they are more likely to be targeted by thieves due to their high resale value.

person interacting with the car's gps system

Smart Keyless Entry Systems

Another type of technology that can help increase car security is a smart keyless entry system. Smart keyless entry systems allow you to lock and unlock your doors remotely using an app or even voice commands — meaning that no one can gain access to the inside of your vehicle without first having the right credentials or access code.

For instance, with the newer systems, your car will recognize your phone as you approach and unlock the doors automatically. This makes it much more secure than traditional key-based systems, as anyone trying to access your vehicle would need to know the credentials or access code in order to gain entry.

Additionally, many smart keyless entry systems come with additional features like automatic locking/unlocking when you approach or leave the vehicle and advanced security measures like two-factor authentication for added peace of mind.

Park Assist Technology

Park assist technology is a relatively new technology that makes parking easier and helps to ensure your car remains secure. This technology uses sensors to detect obstacles when you’re parking, helping you avoid dings or scratches from other cars in the lot.

It also keeps an eye out for any suspicious activity when parked and can alert you if someone attempts to enter your car. This provides an extra layer of security, ensuring that your vehicle remains secure even when you’re not around to keep watch.

In fact, some of the newer systems even come with a panic button that can be used to sound an alarm and send out a notification if your vehicle is ever in danger. These new technologies make it easier than ever to keep your car secure, giving you peace of mind that it’s safe from theft or vandalism.

illustration of park assist technology

Anti-Theft Alarm Systems

Finally, anti-theft alarm systems are another great way to keep intruders out of your car and deter potential thieves from stealing it. Anti-theft alarm systems are typically triggered if someone attempts to break into the vehicle or tamper with its electronic system.

This alerts both you (may be notified via an app) as well as any nearby witnesses who may be able to stop the crime in progress. Some anti-theft alarm systems will even go as far as immobilizing the vehicle until it receives an authorized command from the owner’s phone or other devices.

If possible, it’s best to invest in an anti-theft alarm system that provides real-time monitoring and alerts. This way, you can be sure your car is always safe and secure no matter where it is.

With all these new technologies available today, keeping your car secure has never been easier. From GPS tracking devices that let you monitor its location in real-time to smart keyless entry systems that restrict access to only those with proper credentials, there are plenty of ways to make sure that no one gains unwanted access to your vehicle — while still allowing you access whenever needed.

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