Signs that It’s the Right Time for Rebranding

Your brand is more than just your company logo. It is the foremost representation of your identity as a business, from the values and ideals the company espouses to the personality traits of those who are part of it. Sometimes, though, a brand reaches that point where it has outlived its purpose and needs a refresh. When this happens, rebranding becomes necessary.

Deciding when that time has come is the challenge. Phoenix brand design studios advise exercising caution before deciding to go through rebranding. It is not something that can be done just because or out of a whim. If you are having a hard time figuring out whether or not it’s time to give your brand a revamp, watch out for these signs:

You Have Outgrown Your Brand

If you have been with the business from the start, there might be an attachment to your current brand. But if your company has grown a lot since then, it might be time to retire the classic branding and switch to a new one. After all, your brand should represent the current quality and values of the company — and that must be apparent.

Design elements also become obsolete after a while. Color combinations and font choices that worked a decade ago might no longer hold as much impact or appeal today.

You Are Attracting a New Demographic

The very idea of branding is grounded on targeting a particular audience, as this is the secret to making a brand relatable and relevant to that crowd. If you are shifting your sights or including a new demographic to your target market, it might be time for a brand makeover. What appeals to baby boomers won’t necessarily appeal to millennials and vice versa, so the image must evolve accordingly.

Your Message or Story Is Ineffective

Branding is all about telling your story in imagery and textural representation. If that message or story doesn’t resonate with your market or gets lost in translation, there might be a problem with how your brand is presented. In this case, rebranding can help your company be more effective in sharing how your business was conceptualized or what your company is all about. Customers patronize companies that they understand or relate to, and fostering that understanding starts with your branding.

You Need a New Start

Sometimes, companies reach the point where they need a soft reboot. In this type of situation, rebranding can provide that new beginning. A merger, for instance, opens up new opportunities and possibilities for a company and could be an ideal time to give the brand a makeover. There are also cases when the branding is merely botched, maybe because you soloed the work as a non-designer or made the wrong person do it. In any case, rebranding is akin to the refresh button that reloads the page and lets you start over.

Overall, if you spot one or more of these signs, it’s time to consider the rebranding effort you’ve been thinking of.

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