More and more companies are now investing in pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. This is primarily accredited to the increased awareness of how much their online marketing efforts stand to benefit from an optimized PPC campaign.

Not all businesses are however raking in decent revenue from their PPC campaigns. This is because they do not understand what determines the success of a PPC ad. The success of your PPC campaign will boil down to three primary elements.

These include a Mountain Home-based PPC services expert, an increased click-through rate (CTR) and a low cost per click (CPC). Most people will opt for an in-house marketing team to handle their PPC ad and aim for the lowest CPC with little regard to the CTR they get.

With an outsourced PPC marketing expert, however, you can get the highest CTR for your ad at the lowest CPC. The following are some of the strategies you can employ to achieve this marketing feat.

Switch to manual bidding

Most people will opt for automatic bidding in which Google will handle everything from your bid’s monitoring to its adjustment. This frees you up to develop your marketing campaigns and focus on your ad’s conversion rates.

The best choice to lower your CPC while increasing your visibility is to switch to manual bidding. This way, you will prioritize the keywords which will boost your conversion and get better leads.

In manual bidding, you will reduce your overall bid but increase the bid for optimally converting keywords then focus on one PPC ad at a time.

Use remarketing lists

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Retargeting is a PPC ad practice which allows you to reach out to visitors who clicked on your ad but did not take the desired action. Before starting your retargeting, however, you should have a remarketing and segmented list in place to know which visitors you should retarget.

The remarketing list will include different client segments to help you understand the highest likely visitors to convert and save you on your ad’s CPC.

Adjust your bids

Adjusting your PPC bid based on the location you are targeting or the time, day or devices on which you will find most of your targeted market is advisable. Various metrics will be collected for a specific timeframe and expertly interpreted to inform the best way to adjust your bids. Even after changing your PPC bids, you will continue collecting metrics to test the efficacy of your adjustment.

Opt for long-tail keywords

Review your current ad text and include long-tail keywords. These keywords generate the highest quality CTRs, and you will be assured every click has the highest chance of conversion. Though their search engine volume might be low, long-tail keywords have low CPCs.

There is so much information online on how to lower your PPC ad’s CPC and consequently your online advertising budget. In most cases, however, the tips offered on these pages will significantly reduce your CTR.

The strategies mentioned above will, however, increase your CTR while lowering your CPC. This way, you are guaranteed of a handsome ROI irrespective of your business’ available budget for PPC advertising.

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