Website design comes with making crucial decisions. You need to decide what information to include and what domain name to use. These, for most people, are the most challenging decisions to make and might need an expert’s input. But a professional web designer can help you pick more than the right domain name and content. They can also help you customise your design to complement your company‘s branding and boost brand awareness.

Companies based in Northampton that offer custom web design services primarily focus on four areas. These include the design’s background, fonts, colours and text styles. The minimalist style is one of the trending web designs nowadays. It gives website visitors a chance to focus on the most critical elements on your page. The most popular component of this design is the white/negative space. This is an empty area surrounding website elements. Most people think it is a waste of your valuable screen estate. But the following are the impactful applications of white space in your web design.

Emphasise Elements

Some elements on your webpage are more beneficial for your bottom line than others. When designing your website, your audience’s attention should be drawn to the most profitable elements. The use of white space around such elements is the most effective method of drawing attention to them. Often, a high amount of white space around an element will naturally draw the eye to it because there is nothing else around.

Clarify Relationships Between Elements

Your website is a composition of different interrelated objects rather than a simple collection of design elements. Human brains are naturally wired to see a connection between different elements. The relationship between web design elements is primarily based on the distance between them. White space will help you create the ideal distance between elements and generate a relationship between them.

Improve Readability

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Nobody wants to spend time scanning a seemingly cramped article on your website. With most people in a rush, your content should be easy to scan within a few minutes. Line spacing makes your texts legible and boosts the overall user experience. The proper use of white space between your paragraphs and lines will increase the readability of your content by over 20%.

Create Elegance

Many luxury brands do not have many design elements on their websites. They instead focus more on white space. With this option, website visitors will likely assume the brands are not trying too hard to win them over; they don’t oversell by cramming too much information on a page. Mimic that effect, and your company will come across as an elegant brand to which people are naturally drawn. Moreover, white space allows customers to focus on your products.

White space is among the primary elements of web design. When customised according to your brand, it makes your site look inviting and simple but elegant. Mastering its use nonetheless takes expertise and time. Instead of wasting your resources in DIY web designing, get a professional who’s equipped with the required know-how and tools to apply it to your website.

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