Logos are a business tool; they can be powerful devices. They communicate who you are, what your company, product, or service stand for, and eventually become what helps drive your business. The world’s biggest and most successful companies owe a lot of their success to their world-famous logos. This is one of the reasons you should work to have a good logo for your business. 

Logos Set Your Business Apart

In a crowded business category, it helps to have a logo that leads customers straight to your product. Take sneakers, for example. There are hundreds of different sneaker brands, but many people recognize the most popular ones, not by their design but by their logos. Puma has the jumping big cat. Adidas has the three stripes. Nike has its trademark swoosh Brands like them have some of the world’s most recognizable logos. When people shop for running shoes, they don’t even look for the brand names; they look for the jumping cat, the three stripes or the swoosh. Make sure your brand’s logo is attractive and stands out. When you’re in a crowded market of seemingly similar products, your logo will help your customers find and choose you.

Logos Communicate Core Values

Think of your logo as a print ad; a good print ad brings your message across in a single image. In the case of logos, a well-designed one should express what your company does or stands for in one glance. The best-made logos even do it subliminally. Coming up with a logo that’s memorable, unique, and expresses your brand’s values is no easy feat. Sit down with your marketing team (if you have one), your graphic designer, or a professional graphic design shop to pin down your company values, and work together on the logo design that exhibits them. 

Logos Create Familiarity

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The first time a person sees your logo, it should create an impression in their mind. If it’s designed well enough, the impression should be positive. The next time they see it, their mind makes an instant recollection of their feelings toward your logo. If they’ve had your product or service enough times, they’ll feel familiar with your logo and your brand. Once familiarity sets in, they become your loyal customers.

Logos Establish Trust

Logos are like store frontage. When your logo appears polished, legitimate, and professional, people will be attracted to it and find it trustworthy. It’s important to apply your logo consistently and professionally on your company assets like your website, physical store, employee uniforms, and calling cards when you’re on the job. This establishes trust with customers and suppliers. Do this consistently and conduct yourself professionally, and your logo will be associated with excellent service, therefore building trust.

Logos Give a Premium Status

You know you have a well-designed logo when customers, staff, and even your competitors think or feel that your brand isn’t one to mess around. A professional-looking logo will also exhibit a premium look or status—and customers respect and respond well to that. Brands that hesitate or fail to express their value will never attain premium status, no matter how excellent their products or services are.

Don’t make the mistake of hoping your logo will magically do all the work, but don’t take your logo for granted either. Be consistent with your brand offering, and if your logo is designed well, it will serve you well. A good logo should capture your company values, be unique, and remain attractive and easily recognizable. Combine that with working tirelessly to deliver an excellent product or service, and your brand can become as iconic as the brands that own the jumping big cat, three lines, and swoosh logos.

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