One of the few constant things in life is change. Human beings ought to learn how to adjust as change steps in. For instance, human health tends to deteriorate with age. Eye health, in particular, is affected by our age. It is no wonder most patients requiring eye treatment are seniors.

However, there are visual impairment aids that one can use to help with sight-related problems. The visual impairment aids in the UK, for example, are appropriate for a variety of eye problems. These aids help an individual lead a quality life by minimizing the impact of vision problems. The eye problems that come about due to aging include:

Receding Colour Vision

The retina contains colour sensitive cells, which help one to perceive and differentiate colours. Over time, the sensitivity of these cells declines, and it becomes difficult to distinguish colours. Blue is the colour that tends to appear most faded as a result of this eye problem. The condition may occur due to other problems such as cataracts. Colour vision can be restored once the doctor finds out the cause of the problem.

Reduction of the Size of Pupil

The size of the human eye’s pupil is dependent on the eye muscles and the reaction of the eye to light exposure. As you age, your eye muscles lose their strength. Therefore, the pupil becomes small and responds to light slowly. That explains why an older adult requires more light to read than a young person. In such a case, one can use an anti-glare coat and photochromic lenses.

Retinitis Pigmentosa

Also known as RP, retinitis pigmentosa refers to a collection of genetic disorders that cause the disintegration of the eye’s retina. Retinal disintegration includes the damage of rods and photoreceptor cells, which are located in the retina. As a result, one’s central and peripheral vision is under the compromise.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Approximately 20 percent of the older population suffers from diabetes. Diabetes affects the retina of the eye and, in worse cases, causes permanent loss of vision. Patients who have diabetes should get regular eye examinations to prevent this condition.


Old person reading with glasses on

You may have noticed that older people struggle to look at up-close objects. The reason for this occurrence is the decreased ability of the eye’s lens. This change can be compensated by looking at objects from afar. However, with time, you will need to get eye lenses. These could either be progressive lenses, reading lenses, or multifocal lenses.

Dry Eyes

As we age, the tear glands in the eyes tend to dry off, meaning there is low tear production. Dry eyes are characterized by a burning sensation, eye discomfort, and a stinging feeling in the eyes. Women who are in menopause also experience dry eyes.

Eye problems and eye diseases are somehow inevitable, especially as one grows older. Luckily, you do not have to lead a low-quality life due to problems with your eyes. You can obtain visual impairment aids from an optician. The optician first undertakes an eye exam for proper diagnosis. Depending on the condition you have and the extent of the condition, the doctor will prescribe the most appropriate aids to improve your eye health.

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