Marketing and Sales Strategies to Better Entice Customers

Do you remember when you used to convince your parents to buy you a new console or clothes? Have you tried to get them to take you to piano lessons? They would usually ask the million-dollar question “Why?” and then, you would come up with a bunch of reasons to answer that question. Getting their “buy-in” means your marketing strategy was a success. You can apply the same concept to a sales pitch. On the business side of things, though, you may have to use a bit of adjustment.

Make an engaging presentation

Have you ever wondered why some promotional materials are memorable? Maybe it’s the way the product was shown or the theme song that came with it. The presentation has a lot to do with it. During client meetings, entertainingly presenting your proposal can help clients get on board. You can use an engaging client onboarding tool that will lead them through an interactive experience with your brand or product, encouraging them to buy into your proposal. It’s like leaving a lasting first impression that they’d be looking back to even after the event.

Build a connection

team meetingOften, people don’t want to hear your sales pitch. Some even pay for a service to block calls from telemarketers and ads. If you want to converse in a fluid and organic way, remember that each customer is an individual. They have different age groups, mindsets, and interests — use these to build a rapport with them. Building a good connection can help them relate to you. If a customer talks to someone who is just like them, then it’d be easier for you to pitch your product or service.

Be confident

One of the important aspects of sales is how you communicate with your clients. If you appear shy or nervous, then they’d likely look the other way and not listen to you. However, if you seem too cocky or too self-assured, they may feel intimidated or be put off, and the conversation may feel a bit fishy. Confidence is a balance between these two qualities. You need to speak with other people without feeling held back but still be approachable. How do you become confident in what you say? Have enough knowledge about the very thing you’re talking about. Getting to know your product, service, or proposal inside and out can boost your confidence and let you answer their questions expertly. Make it a point to keep your answers short but sweet. No one wants to listen to an overly-long explanation for a question that’s answerable by yes or no.

Hitting it big with a sale is one of the reasons people get into this type of profession. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, though. Before you can make others believe in what you tell them, you have to believe it yourself. Let’s admit that 60% of people encountering scenarios like these are aware they’re being sold something, but it’s not about what you say most of the time. It’s all in the delivery.

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