There are undoubtedly several instructional videos online on how to put together the perfect website or improve your current one. They make it sound effortless to put together an operational site but the reality is far from this. Search engine optimization of your website starts at its designing. Mistakes in this crucial step will hence negatively affect your site’s SEO regardless of using the best keywords and content and harnessing the best backlinks.

Business owners who know this will hence hire a web design services expert to put together a site for their Raleighbased business. Nowadays, you can even get agencies offering web design and SEO services and hence have an operational and search engine optimized website in the end. The following are the fundamental details the designers will focus on to achieve this feat.


This is the name of your website and comes after the @ in your email address. Ensuring the domain name relates to your business is super-important. Your subdomains and all variations used on your website should point to the main site. Some people assume that including their keyword in the domain name boosts their SEO. This might work for local SEO but unfortunately lock out a global audience and hurt your position.


Your clients and search engines should be able to read your content for you to make an impact. Search engines will download the data from your webpage and store it in their databases. From here, relevant webpage results will be displayed to users. During web designing, there are various techniques used to guarantee your web pages can be quickly discovered and indexed by search engines.

Link Structures

There are various link structures embedded in your website to allow search engines to crawl other pages from your homepage. The link structures included in web design include tools such as XML sitemaps, search engine directives, and your primary site’s navigation. If search engines cannot crawl your site, then you might not rank for the content on pages other than your homepage.

Content Management Systems

man writing on whiteboardThese denote web applications which use a database for the creation, editing, and storage of HTML content in manageable ways. Picking the best CMS for your site will boost the overall functionality of your site and ease the uploading of your content. WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are the common CMS used in web design.


A universal resource locator (URL) is the web address which denotes the location of a particular webpage. Each URL will contain your domain name and other components which locate specific content or pages. Incorrect URLs will generally make your site’s internal navigation frustrating and at times impossible.

The above tidbits into all that is involved in web design now make you appreciate that this is not an easy feat that involves color and fonts. Without expertise, your website will remain invisible and defeat its purpose in online marketing. If you already have an operational site, routine re-designing is essential to guarantee it remains in optimal working condition. The re-designing also allows the incorporation of new web design elements and trends onto the site.

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