Top Three SEO Strategies to Bring You to the Top of Search Engines in 2019

Everyone is doing SEO. Perhaps this is true, but how are they doing it? You have enough competition to think about so instead of wondering what they are doing focus on your own strategy. Before you get a headache trying to make sense of all the trends and paradigm shifts in the industry, make sure you plan your search engine optimization strategy with reputable SEO services in Long Beach.

Prepare well for voice-based online search

The prediction stands that about 50 percent of mobile searches online will be voice-based. While we are still living in a world where text search is the baseline this would soon change with the availability of cutting edge voice search algorithm. This trend will affect your keyword strategy, as well as Google, is adapting to the rise in long tail keywords given the nature of inquiries expressed vocally by online users. Complexity is expected to increase, and you must be prepared to adapt as well. Voice Search technology is accessible to businesses worldwide. Your competition may already be a few steps ahead as they endeavor to respond better to the needs of customers. This is a good time to learn more about this innovation so that you can be ready to invest time and resources on necessary changes.

Invest in faster and more efficient page loading

Who has the time and patience to wait? Apparently, 40 percent of visitors visiting a website does not put up with websites that take too long to load—which is longer than three seconds. What is the relationship between page loading and website traffic? Well, evidently, 80 percent of website visitors who think your page loads too long will never return. They won’t give you a second change, which can be unfortunate for your business. Ultimately, poor page loading performance affects your page’s SEO ranking. If you are popular because your website loads quickly and has an inviting interface you’ll be popular in search rankings as well. It’s that simple.

Work with a search engine optimization specialist

digital marketerIf by this time you still have no one working for your company as a dedicated SEO specialist, then perhaps you must reconsider your priorities. If you are relying on customers to find you online, then you must be on top of the list. Top results get clicked 33 percent more than those listed further down. If you are expecting your website to generate leads and you are on page two of search results you can’t expect people to care about your products and services. About 75 percent of online users do not bother to click on page two and beyond. Make an effort to improve your rankings by hiring an SEO specialist.

It makes a huge difference in having a person who reviews your current strategies and performance, plans, and implements changes for optimization. After all, placing your brand on top of the search engine results page is their number one priority.

Dedicate time and resources to strategizing SEO priorities and implementing them. You can make a huge impact this year but you must work for better rankings. Better yet, work hard to reach the top.

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