Center For A Non Violent Community (CNVC)

“The Center for a Non Violent Community Inc. actively supports the right of all people to live their lives free from interpersonal violence. We foster healthy relationships with self, partners, family and peers. We value the feminist principals of self-empowerment over self-desertion and of shared decision-making over dominance. We are ardently dedicated to building community which is interdependent, collaborative, respectful of diversity, and supportive of peaceful solutions to conflict.

24-hr Crisis Line: 209 533-3401

Programs and Services Offered:

Community Education/CNVC:
We are available to speak to the community about our services and topics that relate to child abuse, early childhood brain development and the impact of trauma, domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and women.

Sexual Assault Prevention/Education in Schools:
School Programs; Bullying Prevention for 4th grade; Keeping Kids Safe through violence prevention education. Preschool-5th grades; focuses on preventing abduction and sexual abuse. 7th grade; sexual harassment prevention workshops. 9th grade; Teen Violence.

CNVC Transitional Shelter:
Provides women and children with a safe living environment where they can reside for up to one year. While in residence, women will become more self-sufficient by participating in family life skills classes, tenant counseling workshops, and employment skills.

CNVC Emergency Shelter:
Provides a confidential safe home for battered women and their children while they transition to a life without violence.

Legal Advocacy:
Assistance with Temporary Restraining Orders and court preparation.

Crisis Intervention/CNVC:
Certified peer counselors provide 24-hour in office and crisis line coverage. Advocates are available in the office during regular business hours for face to face peer counseling. Our Emergency Response Team will come to the hospital as requested to support.

Individual and group counseling is available for women and children victims/survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Support Groups include: Options: for women who are or have experienced domestic violence/ abuse.

Grief Support Services:
Grief is a personal process, one that is unique, intimate, and inseparable from our sense of who we are. Offering Children’s Grief Support, Teen Grief Support, Parents Grief Support (loss of a minor-age child) and Suicide Loss Support. Individual counseling is available for Adults and Children. Please call for fees for any group or counseling sessions.

24-hr Crisis Line: 209 533-3401

Contact Name: Heather Carter & Laura Sunday, Executive Directors
Address: 19043-B Standard Rd.
Sonora, CA 95370
Telephone: 209 588-9305/1-800-454-4766
Fax: 209 588-9272
Email Contact:
Counties Served: Tuolumne County
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